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Retail: Increase customer engagement and value by leveraging behavioral data


Our client is an online and physical store based in Waterloo, offering a selection of trendy clothing and accessories for women.
While seasonal fluctuations are a common challenge for retailers, our client decided to be proactive and look for innovative solutions to continue to grow and prosper despite this situation.

Proactive management of the customer database

We implemented a CRM solution to better manage and track the purchase history of each customer. We also improved the quality of the database by de-duplicating and cleaning up incomplete data.

Then, we conducted a behavioral analysis of the customers based on their online behavior: Facebook and e-commerce. This allowed us to better know the customers and to segment them according to their interests.

This analysis also allowed us to launch email engagement campaigns including:

- The tone of voice has been adjusted
- Content density has been adjusted
- Promotions and events have been customized

Finally, we proposed to our client to adopt a proactive management of its customer database and to launch engagement campaigns to increase the value per head.

This included email sequences targeted at specific moments (Black Friday, Christmas...) and recommendations for off-season actions (VIP evenings with late opening of the store only for some customers).

Less actionable data but more sales

The results have been impressive.
We now have a database of 1,200 unique contacts in compliance with RGPD and have achieved average CTRs (click-through rates) of up to 30%.

We also saw an average 27% increase in sales from engagement campaigns.

In addition, our client now has a clear picture of her customers and their interests, allowing her to more accurately target her communications and products.


Maintaining or even growing your business during seasonal downturns is entirely possible using data from your CRM. By implementing the right technical solution, improving the quality of the database and analyzing the data, we helped our client increase its sales by 27% and better target its communications.

Do you think this approach could be an asset to your company?
We are available to discuss the viability of this strategy for your organization.

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